Alpenpark Karwendel

At the edge of Pertisau you will encounter the Alpenpark Karwendel – a magnificent refuge from the hustle and bustle of the world, where nature still has the upper hand.

Far-sighted decision-makers awarded protected status to the central section of the Karwendel mountains as early as 1928, in order to preserve the flora and fauna of the alpine landscape for future generations – the Karwendel became a national park. Over the years, this central zone has been expanded several times and the current “Alpenpark Karwendel” is now the largest protected area in Tyrol with 727 km² (+ another 190 km² in Bavaria). The Karwendel is now also part of the European “Natura 2000” network, which is intended to preserve Europe's natural heritage.

Use of the area remains limited to individual alpine huts and mountain inns along designated walking trails. You won't find cable cars and lifts or larger settlements in the Alpenpark Karwendel, and car traffic is also limited to a few kilometres of narrow toll roads. What you will find in abundance are dark green forests and lush alpine meadows, natural brooks with narrow ravines and waterfalls, rocky fields covered with mountain pines, over which loom the craggy cliff faces of the North Tyrolean Limestone Alps, with peaks of between 2,500 and 2,800 metres, and especially Alpine plant and animal species in their natural environment (including striking examples of Alpine fauna such as marmots, ibex and golden eagles).

Important: Please ensure you follow the rules listed here to minimise your impact on the Karwendel and its unique flora and fauna during your visit to the Alpenpark Karwendel!

Blick auf das Rißtal und den Großen Ahornboden (Quelle: G. Haslwanter, Alpenpark Karwendel)
Großer Solstein im Karwendel (Quelle: P. Steinmüller, Alpenpark Karwendel)
Bergidylle vor der Falkenhütte und den Laliderer Wänden (Quelle: O. Leiner, Alpenpark Karwendel)
Image source(s):
  • G. Haslwanter, Alpenpark Karwendel
  • P. Steinmüller, Alpenpark Karwendel
  • O. Leiner, Alpenpark Karwendel

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