Cycling tours

The well-developed cycle paths along the Achensee are perfect for family outings by bike. You can cycle from Pertisau to Achenkirch undisturbed by cars and motorbikes, and you will never be more than a couple of metres from the lake with its secluded picnic spots and swimming opportunities. The cycle path also leads to a few playgrounds and refreshment options, ensuring variety for the little ones. If the cycle back seems too arduous you can also return to Pertisau by boat. The Achensee ferry does allow you to take bikes on board (if there is enough space).

The “Via Bavarica Tyrolensis” is a cycle path network that starts in Munich and covers a total distance of around 220 km, reaching the Achensee through either the Isar Valley or along the Tegernsee, and then on to the Inn Valley. The route is well-signed and offers not only a great variety of scenic countryside, but also countless inns and hotels if you are in need of a break.

Racing bike enthusiasts looking for long runs with exciting altitude changes will find the Achensee region is a perfect starting point for tours of the hills at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, through the Inn Valley and its side valleys and to the challenging inclines in the Ziller Valley.

Mountain bikes

In contrast to some of the other regions in the Alps, where many amazing routes are inaccessible due to traffic bans or where cycling tours become an exercise in orienteering due to a lack of signs, Tyrol with its “Tyrol Mountain Bike Model” actively welcomes cyclists away from the asphalt roads. In the Achensee region too there are numerous forest and meadow trails where cycling is officially permitted. Standardised signage including details of trail length, altitude difference and difficulty ensure that you can reach your destination without detours.

The “Bike Trail Tirol”, developed from the former “Tirol Vital Route”, is almost 1,000 kilometres long, making it the longest connected MTB circular trail in the Alps, and naturally it runs to the Achensee as well. Challenging passages alternate with easy sections along the route, but what remains consistent is the breathtaking natural backdrop of the Tyrolean Alps, which you can enjoy mainly from peaceful rural roads and alpine trails. Naturally, it is possible to cycle just part of the whole route – the section ending in Pertisau through the Karwendel is a must, for example, for all passionate mountain bikers (starting from Scharnitz station via the Karwendelhaus, either through the Johannisthal to Hinterriss or on to the Falkenhütte beneath the limestone walls of the Laliderer Wände, and over the Plumsjoch to the Achensee), but the stretch along the Achensee via the Gufferthütte to the Kaiserhaus on the Brandenberger Ache is a real treat.


Do you fancy a specific cycle tour, but it seems too strenuous because of the length or the route profile? With an e-bike, which you're welcome to borrow from the Hotel Post am See, you don't have to worry about any of that! Even steep hills are a piece of cake when you add electric power, meaning you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without getting out of breath. You'll find lots of charging and battery replacement stations along the way, so you won't “run out of juice” even on longer tours.

Selected cycling tours

The interactive map (left) shows a selection of 20 cycling and mountain bike routes of varying difficulty, and we have described the best of these for you below.


  • The route times given are based on a cyclist of average fitness. The actual duration may differ from this depending on condition.
  • Some of the mountain bike tours described are also accessible in principle on an e-bike or touring bike, but the right tyres and good cycling technique would also be required due to the topography. It is best to enquire locally whether a particular tour is suitable for you.
  • Please note that most tours go through mountainous terrain and ensure before you set off that
  • Your bike is in a good condition,
  • You have the right equipment (rain protection, first aid kit, mobile phone, spare inner tube, pump and tools) and
  • The weather conditions are suitable for safe completion of the selected tour

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