The wind conditions on the Achensee remain constant in summer, making the lake an ideal spot for wind and kite surfing. A moderate to strong northerly wind regularly blows in the afternoons – known by the locals as a “Boarwind” or “Boarischer” wind, i.e. a “Bavarian wind” – providing all the propulsion you need. The best starting points in these wind conditions are to be found on the eastern shore of the Achensee and are easy to get to from the new car park (approx. 3 km north of Maurach).

On days with “Föhn” (a warmer, gusty southerly wind), which occurs most often in spring and autumn, surfers tend to congregate at the Gasthof St. Hubertus launch site (approx. 3 km south of Pertisau). Kite surfers do best on the shallow southern tip of the Achensee near Seespitz. Thanks to the low depth of just 1 to 2 metres, even beginners can glide over the water there safely and undisturbed by other water users. There is an additional kite zone for advanced surfers near Hechenberg on the old shore road (Seeuferstraße).

Please note that you must have permission to surf on the Achensee. You can get the necessary pennant in Pertisau from the Bootshaus.


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