Sleeping is to people what being wound is to a clock ...

We have taken Arthur Schopenhauer to heart and offer many special touches to make sure you enjoy a particularly restful sleep on holiday. Try out the different options during your stay and extend that holiday feeling to the rest of the year!

If you oversleep: Our Late Riser Breakfast is available until 11.30am!

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Schafen im Samina Power Sleeping Room

Samina Power Sleeping

The Austrian firm Samina has set itself the goal of helping as many people as possible to enjoy a better sleep, greater vitality and health and, as a result, greater personal success. Sleep psychologist Günther W. Amann-Jennson has been researching sleep since 1985 – he has collated his results in the Samina Healthy Sleep Concept.

Erholsamer Schlaf auf Samina-Kissen

Pillow Bar

In the Samina Sleep Healthy Concept a lot of importance is placed on having the right pillow, which supports your spine during sleep and plays a crucial role in pleasant relaxation.

Besonders guter Schlaf im Zirbenzimmer

Stone Pine rooms

For centuries, the timber of the stone pine has been used for bedrooms in the Alps. Traditionally, the timber of the stone pine has been said to have a positiver influence on sleep quality ; the natural essential oils of the stone pine have a relaxing effect and ensure holistic rejuvenation during sleep.


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