Water Sports

As the largest lake in Tyrol, the Achensee offers a multitude of options for sports activities, both on, in or under the water!

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Badevergnügen für die ganze Familie am Achensee

Swimming & bathing

Thanks to a water temperature of just over 20 degrees, the Achensee itself can be splendidly refreshing on the hottest summer days.

Sportsegeln am Achensee


Glide over the water seemingly weightlessly and without effort, with the scent of the mountain air in your nose and the sun on your face – what a magnificent feeling!

Unterwasserbewohner im Achensee

Diving in the Achensee

The Achensee is not only the largest lake in Tyrol but also the deepest, which means there are a few things to discover beneath the surface too.

Windsurfen am Achensee


The wind conditions on the Achensee remain constant in summer, making the lake an ideal spot for wind and kite surfing.


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