Why travel far and wide when good things are just around the corner?

... considering the quality and variety of domestic schnapps from many fine distilleries, this is certainly the case. And yet it is well known that good things come from many sources. So why not make the most of your holiday and widen your horizons?

It makes every Tyrolean a poet

Connoisseurs of Scottish distillates, for instance, can enjoy some remarkably good single malt whiskies at the hotel bar. But that’s not all. How about sampling a potent Talisker or perhaps a fruity Cragganmore? Although the harmony of Oban often flatters the palate of a lady, tart Lagavulin is in a league of its own.

In addition, there are still some whiskies that, although less known, invite you to make a discovery.

Portrait des Gastgebers Stephan Kobinger vom Hotel Post am See
My fascination with whiskey began during a year spent living in London and has continued to this day.
Stephan Kobinger

Those who don’t care much for the Scottish "water of life" (the true meaning of whiskey) are sure to find a suitable selection of exotic gins at the bar. All are garnished according to preference and served with the appropriate tonic water. It’s the ideal refreshment on a warm summer evening.

The Water of Life

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