Personal touch throughout the generationsPersönlich über Generationen

The ‘Post’ was originally built between 1903 and 1906. Like in many places, it was named after the erstwhile post office that served this tranquil lakeside town. An old picture of our hotel in the modern dining room reminds us of our rich past and, that while our hotel floors are historical, an exciting future lies before us.

In 1963, “The Post" was purchased by Josef Kobinger before being handed over to his son, Reinhard Kobinger, in the 1970s. In just over 4 decades, the "Hotel Post" grew to its current size under the management of Reinhard and Rosi Kobinger. In 2011, their son, Stephan Kobinger, took over the reigns.

Since that time, the name of the "Hotel Post am See” is not the only thing to have changed. A “new, fresh breeze” blowing across the lake and into the house has brought innovative ideas and inspiration for modern lifestyle, firmly linked to the roots of tradition.

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